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tv   Newsweek South Asia  KCSMMHZ  November 4, 2012 1:00pm-1:30pm PST

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welcome to "newsline." i'm yoko nishimura in tokyo with the news at this hour. u.s. president barack obama and his republican challenger mitt romney have begun their final round of campaigning in key battleground states. romney is using a new strategy in these states to win over voters ahead of tuesday's election. the latest poll by abc news and "washington post" suggest obama and romney both have support rates of 48%. romney is focusing on wisconsin, one of swing states where obama is said to have a lead.
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>> the contacts made in wisconsin over the last months have just blown everybody away. i want to thank you for the work you're doing. let's get out. let's get this victory. >> romney is likely to still have a chance of winning if he takes wisconsin even if he loses another key state, ohio. the republican challenger is also running more tv ads in pennsylvania, michigan and minnesota. obama is expected to win more votes from the electoral college made up of electors allocated to each state. >> if you're willing to work with me and knock on doors with me and make some phone calls with me and turn out with me and grab your friends and your neighbors, your co-workers, get them to the polls for me, we'll win wisconsin. we'll win this election. >> obama is also gaining momentum after winning praise for his response to the massive storm that hit the u.s. east coast last week.
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an adviser to mitt romney says the united states would take a firmer stance against china if the republican candidate wins next tuesday's election. princeton university professor aaron freeberg spoke to nhk in washington. fr freeberg is romney's adviser to romney on asia-pacific policies. he said the obama administration has been weak between japan and china over the senkaku islands >> the best way of maintaining stability and deterring aggression on the part of china is to make absolutely clear the american intention to uphold its treaty commitments. >> friedberg said the u.s. needs to do more to send a signal to the chinese. the adviser also said the obama administration does not pay sufficient attention to its allies. he said romney wants to work to strengthen ties with japan. >> i think he sees japan as
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america's crucial ally in asia and the central point of our web of relationships with countries in east asia. >> friedberg said the two countries need to cooperate more closely to respond to china's military build up. the communist party of china has come up with a proposal to amend its charter ahead of the party congress that opens on thursday. the gathering is held every five years. china's state-run xinhua news agency says the four-day session of the party ended sunday after approving the amendment. no details are available but observers say the concept of scientific development which is advocated by communist party leader hu jintao is incorporated into the amendment. the scientific development concept a chiefing.
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the action plan is the most important element of the party's constitution. it includes important doctrines of mao zedong and john quick equal to these predecessors in its bid to retain political influences after china launches a new leadership under zee ju bing. the vicinity of the venue and central parts of the city are under heavy security. the two-day meeting will be attended by the leaders of 49 countries including three new leaders, bangladesh, norway and switzerland. the discussions will focus on regional security and ways to strengthen cooperation to stop the european debt crisis from spreading. the how is aid inr ceived from china. many leaders, including japanese
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prime minister yoshihiko noda, have arrived. noda is expected to stress the need to peacefully resolve territorial maritime disputes in line with international law. relations are eroding between japan and china over the senkaku islands issue. japan nationalized the islands that china and taiwan also claim. india's ruling congress party is promoting its open markets initiative to revive the nation's slowing economic growth. the party convened a massive gathering of supporters in the capital new delhi on sunday. an estimated 100,000 people are said to have attended. in september, india's coalition government announced deregulation measures to allow major foreign supermarket operators to enter the indian market under certain conditions. but the decision sparked protests, causing one political party to leave the coalition. its leaders said the measures
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would put undue pressure on smaller businesses. prime minister how man sing told the gathering foreign investment would spur growth in the retail sector. congress party leader sonia gandhi said foreign investment is necessary to provide jobs to an increasing number of young people. the congress party is facing a barrage of criticism due to the slow-down of the nation's economic growth and a series of corruption scandals. the party's aim was to show its supporters and investors both at home and overseas its efforts to promote deregulation while tightening party discipline. japan currently has only one operating nuclear plant. the country's nuclear body has put off a conclusion on whether or not a fissure under the plant is an active fault line. if the fault is confirmed to be active, the authority will ask the operator to shut down the plant. five experts conducted a survey
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on friday at the ohi plant in few couey prefecture. they examined the fissure that runs beneath the plant compound. a key pipeline that transports cooling water from the ocean to the reactors runs across the nearly one kilometer long seam. the nuclear regulation authority panel was supposed to reach a conclusion on sunday but their views were divided. a prove professor watanabe said analysis of soil above the fish tour suggests it is active. >> translator: i've concluded that an active fault exists. i don't see any need for a more careful evaluation. >> but another university professor pointed out landslides can create fissures in strata. >> translator: i can't decide at this point whether the slippage is a result of deep fault activity. making a hasty conclusion is dangerous.
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>> nra member said lan slides created the fissure and that's all the group can say at the moment. they decided to meet again wednesday to discuss the matter. the nuclear regulator will conduct on-site inspections at five other plants and here's your three-day world weather forecast.
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and that concludes this edition of "newsline." i'm yoko near murrah in tokyo. thanks for joining us.
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